Be Strong ♥ ..

You have visited times! I'm Robbi ♥ .. When you feel beat down and broken, please talk to me or look at my inspirational page ♥ .. 19 ♥ Central California ♥ .. Girls >> Guys ♥ .. Single ♥ ..I'm working through recovery ♥ .. I'm proud of you for being alive ♥ ..  Every storm runs out of rain ♥ ..

UndeadxMe (via undeadxme)

I want to get drunk and call you just to confess all the things I can’t when I’m sober.

xxii (via escafeism)

(via escafeism)

It’s a painful feeling when you have to say goodbye to someone you love when all you want to do is to spend all your time with him/her.
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ng So, PLEASE Come Talk To Me Because I Care ♥ .. I Will Do My Very Best To Help In Every Situation ♥ .. You Have A Purpose And You Are Going To Make A Difference ♥ .. Choose Life, Because It Chose You ♥ .. Be Strong And Remember That I Love You ♥ .. ~Robbi ♥ '); } <